2017-18 Grants Process and Rules

The Issaquah Valley PTA Grant program supports programs and activities that enhance and enrich student learning experiences while building our IVE community.

Grant Proposals Scheduling and Submission

1. Grant Proposals Deadlines: October 31st         January 31st        April 30th (if funds are available)

2. All grants are due by 4PM on the grant due date.

3. Grants can be submitted in hard copy to the treasurer mailbox or emailed to treasurer@ivepta.org

4. All instructions, deadlines and forms will posted on ivepta.org and sent in email to the staff.

Proposals and Grants

Issaquah Valley PTA funding criteria:

  • Relevance to the curriculum, school and/or district goals
  • Benefit to students or program/department
  • Number of students and/or grades benefited
  • Length of program: short term or long term (1 year max)
  • Demonstrated need – not a school or district responsibility
  • Amount requested
  • Funds available

All teachers, staff, parents and students are eligible to submit a grant request.

Each grant must be approved by the Issaquah Valley PTA Grant Committee. The grant amount available for the year must be approved by Issaquah Valley PTA Members at a General PTA Meeting.

Some grants will not be approved. The reasons for non-approval of a grant may include amount of grant request, supplanting of district or school responsibility, and overlap with other PTA programs. Rejected grants can be resubmitted if rewritten.

The Grants Committee will communicate decision to applicant and post all awarded grants on ivepta.org.

Purchasing, reimbursement, failure to use award

The list of approved grants will be given to the PTA Treasurers and they will pay all approved grant expenses.

If a grant is not used within 3 months or June 1, whichever comes first, then the grant awarded reverts back to the use of the PTA. Prior approval to extend these deadlines is available and should be indicated on grant application.

To download the Grant Application, click here