This year our field of nominations was large with so many deserving volunteers and staff from our IVE community. Our students, staff and parents benefit greatly from the countless hours of devoted service by all of the nominees. We are grateful for all the ways they enrich our community. We are pleased to announce the following winners for 2018-2019:


Golden Acorn

Stacy Harfert

Jaimi Messmer

Jamie Rydberg


Outstanding Educator

Nicole Min

Rylie Motley


Please join us in honoring the winners at a reception at 6:30pm, May 21st before the PTA general meeting. Refreshments will be served. 

Respectfully submitted,

Andrea Hackney, Morgan Noble, and Angie Warren

Golden Acorn Committee

Going the Extra Mile in Our Community  


Chairperson Contact:

Angie Warren

Morgan Noble

Andrea Hackney


Nomination Deadline:  

March 8, 2019


Outstanding Educator


Golden Acorn


Opportunities to Volunteer:

Not at this time.

Each year, our PTA recognizes outstanding volunteers with a Golden Acorn award and exceptional educators with an Outstanding Educator award.  It’s a great way to show we appreciate the extra effort of these individuals!  Please nominate a parent volunteer or an IVE staff member who consistently goes the extra mile for the benefit of our children and community! These nominations come solely from fellow parents and IVE staff.

The Golden Acorn Award honors people who have given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. Recipients volunteer in ways that meet the mission of PTA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL children and youth.

The Outstanding Educator Award was created by PTAs to recognize individuals who have gone beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. An outstanding educator can be a teacher, specialist, assistant, support staff, custodian, bus driver, administrator or community member.


2019 Nomination Forms:

Outstanding Educator

Outstanding Educator (Spanish)

Golden Acorn

Golden Acorn (Spanish)


**Please return forms no later than March 8, 2019 to the PTA Mailbox in the lobby, the Golden Acorn Mailbox in the workroom, or email them to:


Previous Golden Acorn & Outstanding Educator Recipients List



GA Andrea Hackney

GA Morgan Noble

GA Angie Warren

OE Wendee Fowler

OE Alicia Jones



OE Jane Brammer

OE Suzanne Thoburn

GA Kim Pike

GA Rebecca Maljak

GA Laura Schmidt

GA Marisol Visser



OE Suzanne Thoburn

OE Dawn Harper

OE Leona Keltner

GA Amy Cancelosi

GA Margarita Leas



OE Allison Gullingsrud

OE Ann Marie Petry

GA Debbie Kuntz

GA Lizz Eng



OE Susan Moffett

GA Anne Livinston

GA Rachel Stoner

GA Victoria Remer



OE Gary Arthur

GA Tiffany Aske

GA Natalie Hancock

GA Tara Moe

GA Teri Systma



OE Dan Ullom

OA Tola Marts

GA Patricia Neil

GA Sharilyn Tokumi

GA Leslie MacInnes



GA Collen Gurkin

GA Dan Chernin

GA Kerri Jensen

GA Ana Inman



GA Tanya Alter

GA Kim Nardi

GA Suzie Kuflik



OE Cheryl Churchill

GA Kristen Allen Bentsen

GA Leah Gibson



OA Diane Bankson

GA Jana White

GA Kim Murphy



OE Carol Fraser

GA Connie Bellas

GA Bert Jones



OE Leona Keltner

GA Rena Lang

GA Chuck Ratcliffe

GA Kathy Crisafulli



OE Michelle Robblee

OE Dusty Duke

GA Mila Hover

GA Onti Rosen



OE Gary Arthur

OE Helen Cheney

OE Rebecca Posten

GA Marie Bruce

GA Pam Doxsie

GA Elaine Hollaway

GA Cindy Shimizu

GA Nancy Tochko



OE Suzanne Thoburn

OE Jennifer Ritchie

OE Paula Delucia

GA Ursula Baba

GA Valaree Cox

GA Lisa Sacksteder

GA Rich Wood



OE Dawn Harper

OE Carolyn Hall

OE Nancy Slanina

GA Carol Powers

GA Laurie Jones

GA Deby Harvey

GA Sheri Ogilvie



OE Peggy McNees

OE Chris Burnett