2019-2020 IVE PTA Board of Directors


President                                             Marcelle Waldman          president@ivepta.org

VP Communications                          Anne Blackburn               news@ivepta.org

Co-Treasurer                                       Kimberly Brown                treasurer@ivepta.org

Co-Treasurer                                       Lindsay Conger               treasurer@ivepta.org

Secretary                                             Laura Burnett                   secretary@ivepta.org

Co-Director of Fundraising                Melanie Pitsch                 fundraising@ivepta.org

Co- Director of Fundraising               Heather Steiner               fundraising@ivepta.org 

Co-Volunteer Coordinator                Miriam Corlett                 volunteer@ivepta.org         

Co-Volunteer Coordinator                Alex Rosenstein               volunteer@ivepta.org

Membership Chair                             Rebecca Konopka         membership@ivepta.org

Family & Community Engagement   Jenn Stieglitz                   face@ivepta.org   

Director at Large                                 Christine White                director@ivepta.org 


If you'd like to contact the entire board, please email board@ivepta.org.

In accordance with Washington State PTA regulations, the IVE PTA elects to its Board the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer and VP of Communications. The positions will be elected for a term of one year, and the elected officials cannot serve more than two consecutive years in that role. A person may nominate his/herself, or someone from the school community (administration, faculty or parent) may nominate a candidate.  Remaining board positions are not elected, they are appointed.

The nominating committee is responsible for managing the election process, from establishing the timeline and communicating the position criteria to delivering the final ballot at the April PTA General Session.