Chairperson Contact:

Jodi Novotny

Marisol Visser


February 9, 2017


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Need:  Group Performers

& Exhibitors

IVE CULTURAL FAIR ~ February 9, 2018     
6-8 p.m. in MPR
6:00 p.m.: doors will open for the 2017 IVE Multi-Cultural Fair
6:00-7:00 p.m: Visit cultural booths
6:15-6:45: food will be served
7:00 p.m: Show begins
7:00-7:15: Drums from the world
7:20: Indian Dance, “Pinga”
7:25: Latin American Rhythms, group Amigos de Seattle.
7:30: Vietnamese Dance “Xuan You Thuong”
7:35: Indian Dance, “London Thumakda”
7:50: Fashion show and thank you for coming!

If your children can come dressed in traditional clothing, they can participate in
the fashion show at the end of the evening!
We hope to see you there!!!!

WANTED: Group Performers and Exhibitors
Sign up here:

Does your child belong to a cultural dance troupe, or participate in a special ethnic performance group?  We are currently selecting group performers for the cultural fair.  The performances will be representing different nationalities and countries.

Would you and your family like to be an exhibitor for the cultural fair?  Does your family have unique items that can be featured at the fair?  Here is your opportunity to host a booth that celebrates your family’s heritage and culture.

SE BUSCAN:  grupos de bailes regionales y/o expositores de países

¿Pertenece tu hijo a un grupo de danza cultural o participa en un grupo especial de bailes folclóricos? Estamos seleccionando grupos artísticos para presentarse en la feria cultural. Las actuaciones representarán a diferentes nacionalidades y países.

¿Les gustaría a ti o a tu familia ser un expositor de un país para la feria cultural? ¿Tienen artículos especiales que representen su cultura  para ser presentados en la feria? Esta es su oportunidad para organizar un stand que celebre el patrimonio y la cultura de tu familia.

For more information on participating, please contact / Para mas información de como participar, por favor ponte en contacto con:

Jodi Novotny or Marisol Visser at