DIVE Update (April 15, 2019): 

A huge thank you to everyone who has jumped in with the DIVE program this year. We have a few more DIVE recesses planned for the Spring and look forward to doing even more with our new group next year! We have have several more training opportunities coming your way in the fall.

We have made the decision to cancel the evening training previously scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 and not to hold any more evening trainings for the DIVE program this year, but we don’t want that to stop you if you are interested in joining out group. If you are interested in joining DIVE for one of our final three recess days this year, then please reach out to Tim Baynes at BaynesT@issaquah.wednet.edu and Jamal Siddiqui at dive@ivepta.org to coordinate a brief training opportunity. Our focus this year is on being a positive presence playing with students at recess and we’d love to have you out there!

Thank you,

Jamal and Tim


DIVE Mission statement:

As part of Issaquah Valley Elementary’s continuing commitment to providing a more well-rounded education and student experience, D.I.V.E (Dads and Dudes of Issaquah Valley Elementary) has been created to introduce the presence of supervised, positive parent and guardian role models for students of IVE during recess hours. 

The DIVE program feels strongly that a student’s academic performance, self-esteem and social development are all improved when a student sees the investment of their parents and surrounding community in their education. More succinctly, “it takes a village to raise a child.” 

With that in mind, DIVE’s goal is to place an appropriate number of parent volunteers on the playground during recess hours to interact with the students in both group activities and one-on-one game play. 

While DIVE is intended to promote male role models for students, as they are sometimes underrepresented on our campus, the group is open to all and encourages any parent or guardian to participate. 

Thank you! Please contact Jamal Siddiqui and Tim Baynes at DIVE@ivepta.org with any questions.