Chairperson Contact:

Amber Plumb

Heather Steiner 

Timeframe: Year Round


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Opportunities to Volunteer:

Please contact chairperson.

The Angel Program was started at Issaquah Valley Elementary to provide a helping hand to students who need extra support with basic necessities. The program is strictly confidential, both sponsors (known as “Angels”) and students remain anonymous. 

Angel sponsors make a huge difference in the lives of individual students within our IVE community. Anyone can become an Angel sponsor or choose to donate.

How you can help:

Sponsoring a child – You will be matched with a child for the school year. You will provide weather appropriate clothing and other basics in the fall and again in spring. We ask that all items be new and not previously owned. Once you have been paired with a child, you will be sent the details of your child, the recommended list of items to purchase and instructions on how to proceed. The estimated cost is $100-$200 twice a year. 

Sponsor together – You may choose to partner with a friend in sponsoring a child, thus sharing the cost. There are also opportunities to sponsor more than one child.

Gift Cards/Cash Donations – You can donate gift cards, local area stores are a great option. We recommend gift cards to Target, Fred Meyer, Old Navy, etc. You can also make a cash donation to the Angel Program and the funds will go to a 'restricted fund account' that will be used solely for purchasing items for Angel children on the waitlist. Cash donations are fully tax deductible and a tax receipt will be provided. The Angel coordinator will then distribute items amongst the wait listed children. Click here to make a cash donation. 

How to enroll:

If you would like to enroll your child, or have previously participated in the program, please complete a form for each child attending IVE (link in blue box above). Return completed forms to school in an envelope by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th. The envelope can be given to your child’s teacher or dropped off at the main office.