December 17, 2018 Camp Update:

The IVE PTA, in partnership with 5th grade teachers and Principal Pickard, has formed a committee of fifth grade parents to research and plan a one day outdoor day camp experience for later in the year.  If approved, the day camp field trip will be run through the school district with money gifted from the PTA. We look forward to this outdoor adventure for our fifth graders! 


Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Starting this summer, the PTA Board and Camp Committee have worked tirelessly planning for camp including gaining deeper insight into insurance and PTA liability. While insurance does mitigate some risk, based on this improved understanding, the PTA Board has determined that the liability associated with an overnight camp is far too great for our PTA. This is consistent with other Issaquah PTAs, all of which have either turned this program back to the School or ceased camp.

The PTA Board is currently exploring outdoor education single day experiences that align with school curriculum.

An alternative idea may be that Fifth Grade parents could work together to plan a family/group camp experience on your own.

For those of you who have previously paid a deposit or donation to camp, the PTA will be mailing a refund check to your address provided at PTA membership registration in the next week.

Yours Respectfully,


**For more information on this decision, please click below:**

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5th Grade Camp FAQ (Spanish)

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