Attend Legislative Assembly or Focus Day

Legislative Assembly takes place every October, when the State PTA decides on our legislative platform, or what our focus for lobbying will be to our legislature.

Legislative Focus Day takes place early in January. PTA members across Washington gather on the steps of the Capital to rally for public education and meet our legislators. Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in attending either of these annual events.

Go Grassroots 

As parents of children who will be growing up in a public school system, it is vital that we advocate for them, and as your Legislative Director I want to help make that as easy as possible. I’m providing for you some links that can help keep you informed about what is happening in the legislature and what you can do to help our schools with minimum time commitment of about 5 minutes.

The PTA grassroots connection is a blog maintained by our State PTA, and can provide you with information on upcoming bills in the legislature. You can also opt to click links to write to your legislator easily from the form letter and find your legislator through the website. Grassroots Connection makes advocacy easy by informing us on what education bills the PTA supports for passage.

Contact Your Legislator

Students attending Issaquah Valley Elementary live in Washington State Legislative District #5.
Our legislators and their contact information are listed below.  

State Senator: Mark Mullet - 
State Representative: Jay Rodne -
State Representative: Chad Magendanz -

Further information on contacting our state legislators can be found at