Chairperson Contact:

Kim Pike

Pamela Fleming

Jennifer Moosman

Jessica Formosa


Pictures needed:  All year

Create the yearbook:  Feb - May

Online Sales: Sept - April online

Delivery:  1 week before school end


Ordering has ended

Opportunities to Volunteer:

We need photographers! and Page Designers


Every year, the Yearbook Team makes a fabulous yearbook for students to purchase and keep as a memory of their time at IVE. 

The only way to guarantee your student receives a yearbook is to pre-order.  Online ordering is available now!  Paper forms will be sent home in March.


$18 in September through February

$20 in March and April


Yearbook Cover

Every year there is a Yearbook Cover Contest.  One lucky 5th grader will get to have their drawing selected as the yearbook cover.  Every 5th grader is welcome to participate in the contest.  Entry forms will go home in October and are due in November or December.  If the entry form is lost, drawings can be submitted on a blank piece of white paper.  Students are encouraged to draw a picture that represents the school and our wonderful IVE community.


Yearbook Committee

If you love photography and design, this might be the perfect volunteer job for you.  The Yearbook Committee works with LifeTouch Photography to produce the Yearbook as well as recruit and organize parent photographers for school events and classroom activities.  We need help with taking pictures, designing the yearbook, flyers send home to students, and keeping track of all orders.


Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures…

We need your Pictures!!  The majority of the yearbook pictures are taken by you...our wonderful parents and volunteers of IVE.  Throughout the year, we want you to submit pictures from school events and community activities. We strive to have every child in the yearbook a couple times.

  • Room Parents – We need each room parent to send us 10-15 photographs of their class, with each student in at least one photograph. It’s best if you can get small groups of 3-5 students in each photograph.  They can be taken while you volunteer, at a holiday party, or whenever you visit the classroom.
  • School Events – We are hoping to have designated photographers at each event.  If you are there and take pictures, please upload your pictures to our online site.  Directions to create an account and upload are below!


Instructions on how to create an account and upload pictures: 

-Go to:

-Under New User, Enter Code:  SECVYN

-Click “Get Started”

-Create an account (or log into your existing one)

-You will be sent a confirmation email to your inbox. Click on the link to activate your account.

-Go back to the log in screen, and enter your email address and password

-Click “Upload Images” Button

-You can upload 5 pictures at a time. Click ‘browse’ to find the pictures on your computer.

-Click “Upload” Button

-Step 2 will be a review of your pictures. Please fill in as much information you can for each picture.

  • Keywords: Name of Event or Grade
  • Description: Type in the student(s) name, if known. Or the teacher.
  • Category: Select which folder to put them in. Each class and event has a different folder.

-Click “Submit All” Button

-Click “Upload More Images” to upload more images or Log Out


Directions in Spanish

¿Cómo subir fotos ?

-Dirijase a :

-Bajo new user (nuevo Usuario) introduzca el codigo: SECVYN

-Oprima "Get Started "

-Cree una cuenta llenando sus datos como: nombre, apellido, correo electronico y contraseña.

-Se le enviará un correo de confirmación a su bandeja de entrada. Abra el enlace para activar su cuenta .

-Vuelve a la pantalla de registro, e introduzca su dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña

-Oprima el Botón " Cargar imágenes " -Puedes Subir hasta 5 fotos a la vez. Oprima en browse (examinar) para encontrar las fotos en su computadora .

-Oprima el botón Upload images (Subir fotos)

-Paso 2 habrá una revisión de sus imágenes. Por favor, complete toda la información que puedas para cada imagen.

Palabras clave : Nombre del evento o Grado 

Descripción : Escriba el nombre del estudiante (s), si se conoce. O el maestro .

Categoría : . Seleccione en qué carpeta se puso en cada clase y el evento tiene una carpeta diferente .

-Oprima el botón Submit All (enviar todas)

-Oprima el boton upload more (subir más imágenes) para subir más fotos o cierre su sesion Log Out