Next week IVE will celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, and we would love to have your support to show our amazing staff how grateful we are for all they do for our kids and our community. As you will see HERE, we have planned a week full of special details to show our gratitude, however we will need your help on the following days next week to make this possible:


  • Tuesday: Please help your child by bringing a flower to their teachers/staff. Students will find a container to place the flowers in at school. Also, you can sign up at the following link to bring some sweet treats for the staff to enjoy:
  • Wednesday: Help your student to write a note or letter of appreciation to their teachers/staff. Letters can be dropped off in the classroom in a specially designated box.



The staff at IVE are impressive. We want to encourage them and show that we are aware of their dedication and the unwavering belief they have in our children.  We celebrate our staff in two ways throughout the school year.


Chairperson Contact:

Marist Santos

Marisol Visser


Staff Appreciation Week:

May 6-10, 2019

Forms: None

Opportunities to Volunteer:



Staff Appreciation Week

The first week in May is the time to shower the love on our IVE staff.  Each year is a different theme and each day of appreciation week is a different activity.  The theme and activities are announced sometime in April each year. 

Staff Appreciation Luncheons

In addition to the week May, the PTA hosts staff appreciation lunches throughout the year. This is an opportunity to appreciate our teachers and staff with a little extra love through dishes prepared by our school family. It is our goal that each parent be given the opportunity to donate to the lunches and be part of the celebration of our amazing staff.

Each luncheon is a different theme, whether it's comfort food, the ultimate salad bar or soups and stews.  Menus will be available to sign up for individual spots about 2-3 weeks prior to each luncheon.


Thank You,

The Staff Appreciation Team (