Chairperson Contact:

Victoria Remer

Timeframe: Year Round

Parent Information Night: 

Wednesday, January 17th, 7-8pm

Coach and Volunteer Training:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Event: March 23, 2018

Forms: Coming Soon!

Opportunities to Volunteer:

Please contact chairperson.


Don’t let IVE get Frozen Out of the next Math Adventure! This year’s storyline - “A Cold, Creamy Crime” is centered around  an ice cream factory that has been burglarized and the police are asking the kids to help solve the crime! The Adventure blends math puzzles, dramatic mini-adventures and rewards during an evening  event  for 2nd-5th graders that fosters teamwork and builds community.  The event is slated to take place on Friday, March 23, 2018, but we need your help!

We have a PTA Chair, Victoria Remer, who is experienced I leading these events, but she cannot do it alone. We have filled the main positions but are still looking for volunteers to round out our tiny committee, especially someone to help with the puzzle packets.

Click here and here to see both pages of our Math Adventure flier!

TO SIGN UP YOUR TEAMS CLICK HERE (beginning on 1/29)

1) Registrar To help with registration forms, entering the information onto a master spreadsheet and matching up registrations from the online payment system in addition to creating a team list and table assignments for the event. (Help between mid-January-mid-February and week of the event).

2a) A Math Puzzle Proctor will be in charge of learning the puzzles, training the coaches before the event and answering questions/helping coaches and teams during the event. (Help beginning in February through night of the event).

2b) Puzzle Packet Assembler POSITION STILL NEEDS TO BE FILLED will be in charge of printing and assembling the puzzle packets. (Help starting in March through night of the event).

3) Two Co-Volunteer Coordinators in charge of learning the stations and acting roles, staffing/training the volunteers. (Help beginning in February through the night of the event).


If you are interested in volunteering or helping with the Math Adventure, please contact the Chair, Victoria Remer at